A glass of milk a day may delay knee osteoarthritis in women

Osteoarthritis (OA, wear and tear) of the knee currently has no cure but new research shows that drinking milk every day has been linked to reduced progression of the disease in women.

Research published in the American College of Rheumatology journal Arthritis Care and Research showed that women who regularly drank low-fat or fat free milk delayed the progression of knee osteoarthritis.

However those ladies who ate cheese actually experienced an increase in progession on the disease. Cheese has high saturated fat content and this is thought to be the reason why eating cheese seemed to make the progression of OA in the knee.

Their findings did not apply to men, so there were no benefits for men to drink milk each day to prevent the progression of OA in the knee. Yoghurt also had no effect in slowing down OA progression in men or women.

It is well known that drinking milk has a beneficial role in bone health but until now it’s role in the progression of knee OA has been unknown.